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Pulsing with energetic, modern appeal.

Stop and reflect on the appeal of the IONIQ electric. Its refined, modern good looks are the first to grab your attention. Admire every curve, every line: It all comes together to convey the smooth flow of power. The proportions are nicely balanced and when you get in closer to look at the details, you’ll discover a perfectionism that is deeply satisfying.

Kona Ev

Positive energy

Everything about the new Kona Electric shows the power of positive thinking. You get cutting-edge design, a pure electric powertrain that provides up to 484km of driving range plus a suite of advanced connectivity and safety features that will put you right an the vanguard of fashion and technology. Put the power of positive thinking into your daily drive with the new Kona Electric.


Small gets bigger, bolder and smarter

Introducing the all-new Grand i10, the city runabout everyone is talking about. Bold urban styling commands attention but inside, even nicer surprises await starting with longer, wider and roomier cabin. There's more space to stretch out and more storage room for all your stuff. Grand i10’s Kappa engine is delightfully frugal to run and it comes in 1L and 1.2L sizes so you can choose what's best for you. Either way, you will get excellent fuel economy and plenty of oomph for quick takeoffs and passing on the highway. And to top it all off, we've made Grand i10 safer plus a lot smarter by introducing advanced connectivity options so that you can always stay in touch.