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Moving forward together

Taking a big technological step forward is only meaningful when it is anchored in a deep sense of humanity. Whether it's our commitment to hydrogen-powered solutions and next-generation electric vehicles or cutting-edge robotics and air mobility, we are advancing human progress through innovation. Being a pioneer also means embracing convictions that challenge the status quo, which is why we have always stayed true to our beliefs and done things our way. As our guiding principle, progress for humanity unites us in who we are, where we come from, and where we are going.

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Inspired by what's around the corner

Today, we are all at an amazing point in the evolution of mobility and the multitude of benefits it brings humanity. Modes of transportation are becoming smarter, safer, more connected, and in harmony with sustainability goals and a zero-emission tomorrow. We at Hyundai are at the forefront of all this future-defining progress as a smart mobility solution provider.

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Our commitment to sustainability

In the Fourth Industrial Revolution era, industry boundaries are disintegrating amid a rise of convergence and change. Mindful of such global megatrends, Hyundai is accelerating its innovation drive powered by an advanced technical prowess. Ever present in Hyundai’s 50-year journey has been the notion of the human race. Without aspirations for humankind, our technological innovations would have been impossible. As an extension of our ever-hopeful journey, in 2019 we adopted a new brand vision “Progress for Humanity” as a way to confirm our determination to create more valuable time for all humanity. Hyundai is now going beyond being an automobile manufacturer to become a mobility solution provider that allows people to easily move and connect with one another, spaces and places, and thus enabling them to make their time more valuable. We will provide mobility services that make every moment of life more valuable than before by more thoroughly understanding people’s daily lives, in our journey toward progress for humanity.